!Imabee’s First Catwa Applier for Candy.

!Imabee skins has been around for quite some time and although new releases are not very often it doesn’t make them any less beautiful. I’ve always loved the delicate makeups that are pretty much a standard option with each release. Last month, Brendon Papp of !Imabee released a beautiful Lelutka applier and now this month we have the first Catwa applier release, made specifically for Catwa’s Candy mesh head. I did try this on a few other heads and it does seem to work best on Candy which is what I’m wearing today. I have to say this is beautifully done just as I expected. The applier is available in three tones with four lipstick options. I’m hoping we’ll be seeing more Catwa appliers in the future since they are my personal favorite.


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