New @ Kustom9:

Build: Soy. Building [WienKan]

Soy. Connectable Divider

Cheeky Pea: :CP: Niamh’s Curiosity Cabinet Willow (modified color, original color is white)

New @ Summerfest:

Ariskea[Seaside] Hammock Chair {Leaf}

Ariskea[Seaside] Hammock Chair {Macrame}

Kuro – Block dresser

Kuro – Three whales (on dresser)

+Half-Deer+ Carefree Sandals Clutter – Single Pair v1

New @ Uber:

ARIA – Olympia Sofa (PG)

ARIA – Olympia Camping Stool

ARIA – Olympia Coffee Table

ARIA – Olympia Vase With Gypsophila

ARIA – Olympia Birch Candle Sticks

ARIA – Olympia Fringed Rug

New @ The Chapter Four:

ionic : Las Frutas

ionic : Los botecitos colgantes

ionic : Las lamparitas de sal

ionic : El Cactus, la piramide y las fases lunares

ionic : Living by the dream (Madera)

ionic : La plantita de AloeVera

Other Items Used:

The Loft & ARIA – Hexa Rug

Zaara [home] : 9 Succulent plants

junk. oversized floor cushion. orange pattern.

junk. oversized wall cushion. green mandala.

junk. feather mobile.

[[RH]] Cat (Black) CHIGURA

dust bunny . spotted begonia

ionic – where is my plant?

Sari-Sari – Of Cozy – Elephant Candle Holder

PILOT – Bundle O Fish [Wood/Teal]

floorplan. palmist sign

Zaara [home] : 11 Surahi wine jug

ionic : Hanging Moon Phases [silver]

{vespertine – clipped print/astrology}

{vespertine – clipped print/deer skeleton}

Soy + Toro. potted butterfly palm (modified)

dust bunny . pilea peper plant

All books are a mix of Soy. and Balaclava


tarte. tea planter (yellow)

{vespertine} green means life – tiny succulents 1/ – 4

{vespertine} green means life – tiny succulents 2/ -5

+Half-Deer+ Pet Succulents – Black Cat x

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