Lazy Days.

The Chapter Four began today and there were several things I needed to finish off my new bedroom. Now I love it, hope you do too. :D



Second Spaces: Refresh Scout’s Dresser 5 LI

Vespertine: Silent Memories Frames Set 1 15 LI

Dutchie: Wicker Laundry Basket 3 LI

Vespertine: Crayola Stool Moss 1 LI

Oyasumi: Explorers Desk RARE 4 LI

Second Spaces: Crafts On The Go Blue RARE 1 LI

Second Spaces: Craft Room Paints 1 LI

Second Spaces: Craft Room Caddy RARE 1 LI

Second Spaces: Craft Room Punches 1 LI

8f8: 16. Our Secret Hideout Arts ‘n’ Crafts 3 LI (TSS)

junk: fan light. silver 4 LI

What Next: Maison Drapes Long 4 LI

Apple Fall: Pallet Bed Monochrome 12 LI (TCF)

Plethora: Paper Butterflies Light 5 LI

HIDEKI: Suitcases And Radio Decor 2 LI (TCF)

Imeka: Scalloped Bow Flats Dark Red (TCF)

Alchemy: Chi Chi Chihuahua Spike 8 LI (TCF)

8f8: 18. Our Secret Hideout Secret Diary 2 LI

Vespertine: Book Of Dreamers RARE 1 LI

Vespertine: Opened Memories Trinket Box 1 LI

Build: Vespertine – Somerset Cottage 273 LI

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