It’s Almost Halloween!

Only one more day until Halloween and I thought I’d show you some more of my Halloween delights. Since it’s quite late for me I’m going to let my credits do all the talking. If you’d like to have a closer look, please click the photo below.


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An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

Today I’ve got a mix of goodies from events around the grid. I love how this little spot ended up so much. With a little help from Sari-Sari, Poche and Alouette I was able to fulfill my love of apples. A few things I’m going to mention quick. The skin I’m wearing is a brand new release from [Chickadee]. Rinnie is available in 5 tones now along with 4 brow options, freckles and a subtle prim teeth option. The preview release of her new body appliers have now been released for all tones in store as well! I’m also embracing my new love of mice! Click the image below for a closer look at the details.


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It’s Gonna Be Cold!

Yesterday I was nominated by Kismet Faith to take upon the SL Ice Bucket Challenge and I accept! If you haven’t already seen others do this, I’d be a bit surprised. It’s gone viral in both RL and SL now and is helping raise awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. If nominated, you have the choice to either donate or take the challenge. Fashionowl has a cute and free ice-cube pose out for those willing to accept this challenge. We decided to take out the pool, turn the hoses on and have a little laugh. I’m going to nominate Lucie Bluebird-Lexington  and  Xaqueline Seda for this challenge. Ready, set, go!



Lil Big Me: Kiddy Pool 5 LI (Texture Change & Splash Effect)

tarte.: Sprinkler 4 LI (On/Off Option)

Alchemy: Sassy Cat Black 13 LI

What Next: Bramley Rocking Chair 3 LI, Bramley Bench 4 LI

Zigana: plant. four 1 LI

A.D.D. Andel: Potted Bush Blue/Green 1 LI

HPMD: Sweet Garden Grass06 1 LI Each

XIAJ: Youxiang Mailbox 1 LI

Mutresse: Friendly Gnome 2 LI

Pixel Mode: THG Garden Hose 1 LI

+ILO+:  Garden Basin 2 LI

Build: Vespertine - Somerset Cottage 273 LI

On Me

Head: Slink – Visage w/ The Skinnery‘s Xiao Applier Blonde Brows

Body: Slink – Physique Mesh Body w/The Skinnery‘s Applier

Hair: Magika – Dots HUD 01

Bikini: B.C.C – Fly Away Bikini Dot Mint

Pose: aDORKable Poses – Rug Burn (MP Only)

On Kiddo

Skin: Amitomo – Love Tone 2

Hair: Exile – London Ice Blondes

Sunglasses: Exile – L. A. Glasses

Swimsuit: Lil Big Me – Elli Bikini

Pose: Fashionowl – Ice Cube Pose (Free, Slightly Modded)



Meet Olly.

INSITU has recently released an adorable skin named Olly. She’s avaliable in so many options including appliers for Slink Visage, Physique, Cute Azz, Phat Azz, Lolas and Loud Mouth. There are four tones to choose from plus, blush and freckle tattoo layers. The headband I’m wearing is a free, group gift from Magika and comes with a color change and resize hud. A perfect addition to any hair!


Skin: INSITU – Olly Tone C w/Blush, Freckles & Blonde Brows (New)

Hair: Vanity Hair – Crazy In Love Light Blondes Pack (New)

Headband: Magika – Headband Group Gift (Free To Subscribe)

Eyes: Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes Angel More Sparkle (Kustom9)

Lashes: sauce – Ka-Pow! Lashes (Store now known as Adored Bodyshop)

Necklace: Imeka -Kawaii Cloud Necklace (The Dreamers Factory)

Nails: The Skinnery – Natural Fingernail Appliers

Dress: Mikunch – Furi-Furi OP With Henley Neck (Kustom9)

Kitty 1: Birdy – Sush Kitties Octopuss Peach

Kitty 2: Little Closet – Cuddle Cat Brownie

Pose: By Me

Jesus Is Coming.



Seven Emporium: Jesus Is Coming 7 LI (TMD)

Raphealla Shieldmaiden: Holy Bible (MP)

Skin: The Skinnery – Quiana Bare Face Champagne w/Physique Applier

Body: Slink – Physique

Hair: Magika – Dreamy HUD 01

Dress: Fashionably Dead – Collar Dress Cream

Hand Appliers: Izzie’s – Dirty Fingernails & Slink Physique Dirty Hands (MSO)

Feet Applier: 7mad – Ravens Dirty Feet Slink Applier

Pose: By Me

Location: The Wastelands

Beachy Keen.

It seems I’ve not been wearing much in my posts lately but I can’t help showing off my new Slink mesh body. Today I’ve got another new physique applier from Sopha Portal of Enfant. There are two versions for each of the four skin tones. I also wanted to play around with some of my new gachas and some of last month’s Arcade goodies. Hope you’re having a beachy keen day! :D


Body: Slink – Slink Physique Mesh Body

Body Applier: Enfant – Slink Body Applier Tone W2

Hair: Magika – Meadow HUD 3

Bikini: B.C.C – Fly Away Bikini Dot Mint (Summerfest Gacha)

Snorkel: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures Snorkel Mask (Past Arcade)

Body Board: Tentacio – Beach Session Body Board Pink (OMG Oh My Gacha)

Bag: VCO – Happy Summer Picnic Tube Ribbon (Past Arcade)

Fishing Net: The Secret Store – Sea Adventures Fishing Net Full (Past Arcade)

Bucket: Tentacio – Beach Session Play Bucket Pink (OMG Oh My Gacha)

Shoes: erratic – Summer Flip-Flops Piggy (Past Arcade)

Seal: Alchemy – Seal Pups Follow Snow (OMG Oh My Gacha)

Pose: Glitterati (MP Only)

Location: B.C.C




Skin: Glam Affair – Summer Skin Asia 05 (C88)

Freckles: MUDSKIN – Freckles Soft

Hair: Magika – Written HUD 01

Hairbase: The Skinnery – Curly Hairbase Blonde

Headband: Nylon Outfitters – Flower Headband Light Pink Rose

Ears: MANDALA – Simple Elf Ears

Eyes: Buzzeri – Faerie Eyes Angel

Nails: Frogstar – Pearlescent Princess Nail HUD (Fit For A Princess)

Necklace: Yummy – Work Pearls White

Fairy: !Ohmai – Dandelion Fairy Companion (Arcade)

Outfit: u.f.o – Swan Lake, Act1 Skyblue (Arcade)

Shoes: u.f.o – Swan Lake, Act1 Ballet Flats Odile Rare (Arcade)

Pose: Pensive (1 Of 10 poses included w/Chaise Musicale)


What Next: Vintage Screen Group Gift (w/3 Texture Change) 1 LI

 Art Dummy – Shine String Lights Touch On/Off 4 LI

Chair: Ma Vie & Lark – Chaise Musicale 5 (Atelier Kreslo) 9 LI

Floorplan: Wanderlust Print Texture Change 2 LI

 Tres Blah: Small Vase Of Roses Pink (Arcade) 1 LI

Tres Blah: Rotary Phone w/Bow Pink Rare (Arcade) 1 LI

!Ohmai: Little Brior Rose R&E Reed Diffuser 1 LI

Tres Blah: Petite Console Table (Arcade) 2 LI

junk: Vintage Rug Texture Change 1 LI

Taking In The Sun.

MUDSKIN has a brand new release, her name is Deanna. If you haven’t read my previous post about MUDSKIN, it’s not a new store but a rebranding of MY UGLYDOROTHY. She comes in five tones, five eye makeups and eight lipsticks with and without teeth. There’s five eyebrow options including black, brown, red and blonde. Of course for those pretty Slink hands and feet, appliers are available in all tones along with Lolas appliers. One more thing to add, a few events are coming to a close today which include The spring round of The Seasons Story, the Cosmetic Fair with Pose Fair ending May 3rd.


Skin: MUDSKIN – Deanna Red Eyebrows Tone 2 w/Freckles, Eye makeup 4, Lip 8 (New)

Hair: Magika – Thoughtful Pack 01 (New)

Eyes: Adored Bodyshop – Dream Eyes Grass Stains (Cosmetic Fair)

Necklace: Leonard – Hidden Treasure Necklace Silver (New)

Top: Pixicat – WideCropTop Stripe w/Texture Change

Jeans w/Belt: Maitreya – Light Slim Boyfriend Jeans w/ Texture Change Belt

Shoes: Ingenue – Fiona Wedges Saddle (TSS)

Pose: Imeka – Sits01 Pose 6 (Pose Fair)

Branch: 8f8 – Tree Branch w/Resize And Ginkgo Leaves Texture Change Leaves 2 LI

Birdcage: 8f8 – Bird Cage Texture Change 2 LI

Deck: we’re CLOSED – Pond Deck II 2 LI

Pandas: Half Deer – Xiong Mao / Panda I’m On A Boat! Red Origami 1 LI Each

Below I’m wearing four of the five tones and a few samples of mix and match makeups. I’ve added some freckles with my red hair from MUDSKIN’s Freckles and Moles pack which isn’t included with this skin.


Bonded by Friendship Forever.

The pose fair began a few days ago and Luna Jubilee of !bang has created this lovely pose. I couldn’t have thought of anyone else to pose with me other than my Kismet. We definitely are bonded forever, no matter what. Oh and, our favorite movie is ET. Just sayin. :p


Credits on me:

Skin: BCC. – Manda

Lips: BCC. – Rarara Lip Tattoo 03 (The Arcade)

Hair: Magika – Rewind (New!)

Headband: YoPulga – Flower Hairband (New @ Perfect Wardrobe!)

Rings: LEO-NT – Glamour Kitty Rings (New!)

Dress: Epic – Heart Polo Mini Dress in Yellow (New @ Perfect Wardrobe!)

Pose: !bang – Bonded (New @ The Pose Fair!)

Photo taken at: Hinterland Orkney

To see what Kismet is wearing: Wander over to Kismet’s blog.

The Skin Fair is coming to a close but don’t forget about the pretties!

Hi! I have to admit I’ve been so busy lately trying to take care of some RL things that I’m failing on bringing you newness. I did want to remind you that the Skin Fair is coming to a close in just a few days so make sure you have all the pretty skins you want!



Skin: FAKE – Gluttony in Ginger Tone (Skin Fair)

Hair: Magika – Forget

Panties: Beusy – Pinup Panties in White

Shoes and Socks: tres blah – Saddle Shoe in Blue Floral with socks (C88)

Pose: !bang – Carefree 2

All of the photos below are raw images using Stawberry Singh’s Topaz setting.

First up I have my favorite of the bunch, by Bonnie Forder of FAKE. Bella with the Seven Deadly Sins makeup in a variety of skin tones and brows, here’s a sampling. Ginger just happens to be my favorite tone!


Next, from Ele Brandi of Modish, there’s Zelf. She comes in 6 tones with and without teeth and light and dark brows. I adore the teeth option for this skin.


Third, from Lilo Glom of JeSyLiLO, I have Bella. I love her doll face.


Last but never least, I have Candy from Sawsan SecretSpy of  WoW Skins. She comes in two tones, 5 makeups and Tango appliers.