A Preview Of Chickadee At The Gathering.

Today I’m wearing a skin created by sweeterthanfate of [Chickadee]. This is a new skin brand that’s recently hit the grid. Sera is the soon to be released gacha skin from this brand that will be out October 1st for The Gathering. Each skin is inspired by an element and the Rare is a clean version including 3 brows and 1 no brow option. Chickadee has already updated her body to a new and improved Gen2 which includes cleavage/no cleavage options plus appliers for Slink Physique, Slink hands and feet, Lolas and Phat Azz. These will be available for purchase in The Porcelain tone at the event.



Skin:[Chickadee] – Sera Water (Soon @ The Gathering)

Body: Slink – Physique Mesh Body w/New Gen2 Chickadee Applier in Porcelain (Soon @ The Gathering)

Hair: taketomi – Koka GothQueen Fatpack RARE (TGM)

Eyes: Buzzeri – Voodoo Eyes Frost & Fallen Horror Versions

Lashes: sauce – Caught In Her Web Lashes

Piercing: MANDALA – Okaki Face Piercing Set

Necklace: .{yumyums}. – Birthstone Choker Galactic II (We Love RP)

Nails: Izzie’s – Slink Metallic Nails Applier Hud

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo – Bohemian Slink Physique & Hand Applier (TTS)

Dress: AMITOMO – My Leather Dress

Pose: Imeka – Luna Pose 1



Oyasumi Preview For The Arcade.

Oyasumi created a traditional style Japanese home with decor for the Arcade which begins on September 1st. There are two rares, pictured in the first photo and fourteen commons up for grabs. For more details feast your eyes below.



1st Photo

Oyasumi: Japanese House RARE 50 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Japanese Well RARE 12 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Paper Lantern 1 LI Each (Soon @ Arcade)

8f8: Single Young Sakura White (Temporarily Closed)

we’re CLOSED: Grass Field Lush

2nd Photo

Oyasumi: Television 3 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Mailbox Dark 3 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Simple Stool 1 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Japanese Table 1 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Kendama Standing 1 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Matcha Tray 3 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Tea Pot & Cups 4 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Triangle Side Table 2 LI (Soon @ Arcade)

Oyasumi: Zabuton Blue & Green 1 LI Each (Soon @ Arcade)




Voodoo Child.

The Fantasy Collective begins a new round at its new location on August 20th and the theme is all things New Orleans style. I’ll make sure to keep you posted with a landmark as soon as I’m able to. Until then, you can check out the flickr group here for more previews.


Skin: The Skinnery – Zuri Bare Face Honey w/Waterline Eyeliner (Soon @ TFC)

Body: Slink – Physique Mesh Body w/The Skinnery Applier

Hair: Soonsiki – Rat Colors Hud (New)

Hat: 22769 – Magic People Voodoo People (Soon @ TFC)

Eyes: Buzzeri – Celestial Eyes Angel More Sparkle (Kustom9)

Lashes: Beetlebones – Clumpy Black Mesh Lashes

Makeup: NOX – La Catrina Black (Soon @ TFC)

Nose Jewelry: Enfant Terrible – Moonchild Nosechain White (TFG)

Nails: Miamai – LaquerSublime Witchcraft Full Armor Elegant (Soon @ TFC)

Tattoo: Letis Tattoo – Aeternus Slink Physique Applier

Dress: ISON – Amelia Lace Gown Plum

Pose: By Me

Trek To Las Vegas.

The Liaison Collaborative’s latest round had me pretty excited. There are so many creative takes on the legendary Route 66. Today I’m showing just a bit of what Plethora has up for grabs in their gacha and Kuro’s safe hub sign gave me a laugh since I haven’t heard anyone use that term in quite some time. I didn’t shoot this on location but instead tried my best to recreate a trek to Las Vegas considering I just returned from there yesterday. Thankfully, I didn’t have to hitchhike.



Plethora: Roadside Sign Board 4 LI (TLC)

Plethora: Roadblocks Red 1 LI (TLC)

Plethora: Water Tower RARE 11 LI (TLC)

Plethora: Power Pole 15 LI Each (TLC)

Plethora: Signpost Las Vegas 1 LI (TLC)

Plethora: Plastic Barrel Lube RARE 1 LI (TLC)

Plethora: Plastic Barrel Tequila 1 LI (TLC)

Plethora: Cinder Blocks 1 LI (TLC)

Kuro: Hitchhiker Kit 3 LI (TLC)

Kuro: Hitchhiker Sign 2 Safe Hub 1 LI (TLC)

Howl: Papi Backpack Crack (Made To Wear)

Pose: an lar – Nevada (TLC)

On Me

Skin: Glam Affair – Oakley Cocktail Girl Asia B (Past FLF)

Body: Slink – Physique w/Glam Affair Applier

Body Freckles: The Skinnery – Light Freckles Physique Applier

Hair: Little Bones – Toxic Blondes Pack (Kustom9)

Glasses: Izzie’s – 70’s Glasses White

Shirt 1: Sheep Door – Flannel Shirt TartanB

Shirt 2: AE – PJ Gift Appliers For Physique

Shorts: COCO – HighWaistedShorts Atlantic

Boots: Monso – My Western Boots

To find out how Cami hitchhiked in her pink flip-flops, see her blog here. ;)

Sunny Side Up, Please.

The new round of Kustom9 is about to begin and Kenzo Gateaux of Oyasumi has created a breakfast set gacha perfect for your back patio. Below I’ve got a preview of what’ll be up for grabs beginning midnight tonight.


Oyasumi: Folding Table RARE 1 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Oyasumi: Folding Chair RARE 1 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Oyasumi: Breakfast Plate 1 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Oyasumi: Toast Rack 1 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Oyasumi: Metal Cup/Silver 1 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Oyasumi: Coffee Grinder 1 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Oyasumi: Coffee Maker 1 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Oyasumi: Mug/Gradient 1 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Oyasumi: Pepper Grinder 1 LI (Soon @ Kustom9)

Sari-Sari: Vertical Herb Garden 4 LI

Cheeky Pea: Rainey Bistro Newspaper 1 LI

Lark: Desert Yoga Rug 3 LI

Zigana: Plant . One 1 LI

A.D.D.Andel!: Potted Plant Clover 1 LI

Vespertine: Dreamers Vehicle/Poet 11 LI (The Dreamers Factory)

Build: Vespertine – Birdwatcher Nest 68 LI

It’s The Bee’s Knees.

If you haven’t heard, Brendon Papp of !imabee Skins has made a comeback with a brand new skin line, Florentine. This delicate beauty is available in three tones along with four eyeliners, four lipsticks and four brow options, plus Slink hand and feet appliers.



Skin: !imabee – Florentien Stem Tone w/Eyeliner 1& Underliner, Red Brows (New)

Hair: Exile – Letters And Lipstick Naturals Pack (C88)

Eyes: Buzzeri – Arcane Eyes – Hazel

Lashes: Beetlebones – Mesh Lashes Dainty Black

Necklace: Yummy – Raindrop Chain Necklace (C88)

Ring: Lagyo – Metis Ring (C88)

Ice Cream Bees: anc -ICEBEE Choco, Honey & Choco, Honey & Vanilla (Hand & Fly Options)

Top: amiable – Short-Sleeved Frilly Tops (Texture Change Hud)

Jeans: Maitreya – Zipper Skinny Jeans #4

Shoes: aru. – A Sandals Grey

Pose: By Me

Location: Ryukyu

Quiet Beauty.

Some great events began today, two being the birthday round of Collabor88 and a new round of The Fantasy Gacha. It took some persistence but I did manage to make it to them both. MUDSKIN is participating as a guest designer in Collabor88 which I was rather excited about. Zes, a glowing beauty, is available in all the new skin tones along with several new eyebrow options. Loud Mouth appliers and eight eyebrow options are included with every tone. I could tell you how much I love all the items I’m wearing today but instead I’ll let you have a look for yourself.


Skin: MUDSKIN – Zes Bleach Brows Teeth Tone3 (C88)

Body: Slink – Physique w/MUDSKIN Applier Tone3

Hair: Fashionably Dead – Immortal Hair Blonde 7 (C88)

Eyes: The Skinnery – Bohemian Eye Collection 17 (TCF)

Wings: Half-Deer – Empyrean Head Wings Smoke v.2 (C88)

Headpiece: Keystone – Maridi’el Silver RARE (TFG)

Septum Ring: MONS – Septum Ring Style 7 (C88)

Rings: Imeka – Athena Pearl Ring Silver (C88)

Nails: Bamboo Nails – Silvery Slink Applier Set

Hand Tattoo: Moon Amore -Vishnu Slink Hands Henna Tattoo

Butterfly: Enfant Terrible – Moonchild Animated Butterfly (TFG)

Dress: Baiastice – Calypso Dress Ice (C88)

Pose: Imeka – Hestia Pose 3 (C88)

Lazy Days.

The Chapter Four began today and there were several things I needed to finish off my new bedroom. Now I love it, hope you do too. :D



Second Spaces: Refresh Scout’s Dresser 5 LI

Vespertine: Silent Memories Frames Set 1 15 LI

Dutchie: Wicker Laundry Basket 3 LI

Vespertine: Crayola Stool Moss 1 LI

Oyasumi: Explorers Desk RARE 4 LI

Second Spaces: Crafts On The Go Blue RARE 1 LI

Second Spaces: Craft Room Paints 1 LI

Second Spaces: Craft Room Caddy RARE 1 LI

Second Spaces: Craft Room Punches 1 LI

8f8: 16. Our Secret Hideout Arts ‘n’ Crafts 3 LI (TSS)

junk: fan light. silver 4 LI

What Next: Maison Drapes Long 4 LI

Apple Fall: Pallet Bed Monochrome 12 LI (TCF)

Plethora: Paper Butterflies Light 5 LI

HIDEKI: Suitcases And Radio Decor 2 LI (TCF)

Imeka: Scalloped Bow Flats Dark Red (TCF)

Alchemy: Chi Chi Chihuahua Spike 8 LI (TCF)

8f8: 18. Our Secret Hideout Secret Diary 2 LI

Vespertine: Book Of Dreamers RARE 1 LI

Vespertine: Opened Memories Trinket Box 1 LI

Build: Vespertine – Somerset Cottage 273 LI

Hush Hush.

I was excited to see two new, darker skin tones from MUDSKIN! Hush Hush is the latest release with nine skin tones available plus an upgraded body. Also, all new appliers for Slink Physique, Slink hands and feet, Loud Mouth, Lolas, Phat Azz and Ghetto Booty for this skin and future skin releases. The eyes I’m wearing are from The Skinnery and will be released on August 4th at The Chapter Four along with an amazing nineteen other eye colors.


Skin: MUDSKIN – Hush Hush Tone8 (69 Room)

Body: Slink – Physique w/new MUDSKIN Body Applier

Hair w/Headchain: Spellbound – Jezebel Brunette Pack (New)

Hairbase: The Skinnery – Curly Hair Base Brunette

Eyes: The Skinnery – Bohemian Eye Collection 10 (Soon @ TCF)

Earrings: NLA

Nose Ring: MONS – Septum Ring Style 6

Top: Pixicat – Cheeky Top Summer (Uber)

Jeans: The Secret Store – Rise Skinny Jeans Blue Denim

Pose: Imeka – Luna Pose 7 (Slight Head Mod) (Kustom9)

Location: Seedyville


My Sunday Hike.

The end of Hair Fair has come and today, as tradition goes, we remove our hair to show we care. I chose to wear this colorful bandana from Miamai which includes adorable animated butterflies that flutter around your head. I’m also wearing brand spankin’ new sandals by aru. and good thing it’s Lazy Sunday because you can snatch this color up for only 75L. Keep reading for more details and have a lovely weekend. :D


Skin: The Skinnery – Zoey Bare Face Honey

Ears: The Skinnery – Human Mesh Ears w/Applier

Mesh Body: The Skinnery – Slink Physique Applier

Freckles: The Skinnery – Light Freckles Applier

Bandana: Miamai – HairFair 2014 Bandana 01 (Hair Fair)

Glasses: Yummy – Quinn Frames Black

Bubblegum: Pink Fuel (Not Sure If Still Available)

Outfit:  Pesca – Denim All-In-One IndigoBlue (TSS)

Bag: VCO – Art Eco Bag Love (TSS)

Shoes: aru. – A Sandals Suede (New & 75L Today For Lazy Sunday)

Pose: !bang – Stand 438 (ROMP)

Location: HPMD