It’s Almost Halloween!

Only one more day until Halloween and I thought I’d show you some more of my Halloween delights. Since it’s quite late for me I’m going to let my credits do all the talking. If you’d like to have a closer look, please click the photo below.


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[Chickadee]’s Rinnie & (*ANGELICA)’s Kanon.

Instead of showing off just one new skin I thought I’d give you a double dose of cute. On the left I’m wearing Rinnie by Chickadee. She comes in 5 tones and her body has been newly upgraded. There’s also a few new tones to choose from. On the right I’m wearing ANGELICA’s Kanon, her newest in store group gift along with a lipstick available at the Cosmetic Fair. She comes with several options including Slink hand and feet appliers plus Physique appliers. There’s even an eye pack included. For a closer look at the details, see it bigger on flickr.



Skin: [Chickadee] - Rinnie in Nude w/Dark Brows/Freckles (New)

Body: Slink – Physique w/Chickadee G2 Appliers (New)

Hair: Little Bones – Hurt Blondes (Kustom9)

Eyes: (*ANGELICA) – Tsuya Eyes #metallic (Cosmetic Fair)

Pumpkin: NACH – My Little Witchy Pumpkin Pal (Free Gift @ Trunk or Treat)

Bag: Mikunch – Enamel Mini Bag Akko-Chan (Free Gift @ TSS)

Dress: M.BIRDIE STORY- Autumn Dress Black

Pose: Kirin (Free Gift @ TSS)


Skin: (*ANGELICA) – Kanon HoneyPink w/Beige Brows (New Group Gift)

Hair: Truth – Demeiza w/o Headband Light Blondes (New)

Eyes: (*ANGELICA) – Tsuya Eyes #Black (Cosmetic Fair)

Lips: (*ANGELICA) – Moist Lip Laquer #Bloody Light (Cosmetic Fair)

Earrings: Gummies – Cat Earrings

Scarf: Yummy - Chunky Scarf Buttercream

Little Veggie: Birdy – Veggie Pals Panicky Parsnip (TCF)

Outfit: Potcha – (Kustom9)

Pose: Imeka – Miwa Pose 8

Location:  Sacred



The Protector.

The Fantasy Collective began October 20th and I’ve got a few new items to show you from the one year Anniversary round. First, I’m wearing a crown from ieQED that’s available in 5 metals and comes equip with a jewel changing HUD. Second, the Gown is from Senzafine and you’ll find 8 color options to choose from at TFC. Last but never least, my puppy is a great companion and it’s hard not to have him follow me where ever I go. You can find him at Mystic Realms. For a more detailed look please click the photo below.


Skin: the Skinnery – Gemma 8 Champagne RARE w/Cat Eyeliner (TAG! Gacha)

Lips: the Skinnery – Gemma Lips 1 Secret Exclusive RARE (TAG! Gacha)

Eyes: the Skinnery – Autumn Eerie Eye 11 (Cosmetic Fair)

Hair: EPOQUE – Ever Genetic (TFC)

Earrings: Pekka – Triquetra Earrings (TFC)

Crown: ieQED – Gloriana Crown Gold (TFC)

Neck Chain: Noodles – Scarlett Body Chain Gold (TFC)

Nails: LVLE – Fall Plain Nails (MSO)

Dress: Senzafine – Caterina Gown Gilded Rose (TFC)

Sword: EZ Weaponry – Wraths Conviction

Companion: Alchemy – Dire Protector Shadow (Mystic Realms)

Pose: double take – Jane (Slight Mod)

Can You Stay Up To See The Dawn?

I’ve been listening to Vampire Weekend today so I decided to take this photo and imagine my little heart hugger bat singing to me. Yeah, I’m kinda a weirdo but we look cute! For a closer look at the details please click the photo below.


Skin: Enfant – Molly’s Halloween 6 W2 (Kustom9)

Hair: Pink Huster – PH 8030

Ears: Half-Deer – Pointy Fluffy Ears Grey (TSS)

Eyes: MUDSKIN – Gallaxy Eyes Misc8 (Cosmetic Fair)

Whiskers: [CerberusXing] – Nyan Whiskers

Teeth: esk-imo – Fangs Tattoo 1

Nails: Chocolate Atelier – Polka Dot Nail Appliers (Free Gift @ TSS)

Bat: Half-Deer – Hearthugger Bat Candy Pop RARE (TAG! Gacha)

Necklace: Nylon Outfitters – Fluffy Kitty Necklace

Top: C’est la vie – Marie Cardigan Strawberry (TCF)

Pose by Me

An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away.

Today I’ve got a mix of goodies from events around the grid. I love how this little spot ended up so much. With a little help from Sari-Sari, Poche and Alouette I was able to fulfill my love of apples. A few things I’m going to mention quick. The skin I’m wearing is a brand new release from [Chickadee]. Rinnie is available in 5 tones now along with 4 brow options, freckles and a subtle prim teeth option. The preview release of her new body appliers have now been released for all tones in store as well! I’m also embracing my new love of mice! Click the image below for a closer look at the details.


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(*ANGELICA)’s Violet.

Today I’ve got a quick look at some of ANGELICA’s latest releases. I’m wearing Violet in a new and exclusive fantasy tone, Dolly, available only at the Mystic Realms Faire. I paired it with ANGELICA’s lipstick from The Seasons Story and a Halloween edition eye from the Skinnery just released today at the Cosmetic Fair. I’ve been waiting to wear my rare head scarf from GizzA and Truth’s new release also at Mystic Realms seemed to show it off perfectly. *slowly passes her little rat friend a piece of cheese and runs off*


Skin: (*ANGELICA) – Violet in Dolly w/#Carrot Dark Eyebrows (Mystic Realms)

Lip: (*ANGELICA) – Mellow Lipstick #Pumpkin Light Teeth (TSS)

Hair: Truth – Olinda Light Blondes (Mystic Realms)

Headpiece: GizzA – Headscarf Halloween RARE (TCF)

Eyes: the Skinnery – Autumn Eerie 1 (Cosmetic Fair)

Nails: (*ANGELICA) – Professional Nail Art Black Lace (The Big Show)

Scarf: Tee*fy – Unisex Scarf

Dress: amiable – Simple Puff Sleeved Short Dress

Pose: (*ANGELICA) – Popteen #3 (The Big Show)

Location: Notting Hill (Only Open For A Few More Days)


The Candyman Can.

Time for another Candy Fair post. The little one and I were in need of a sugar  buzz so we opened our inventory and started having a little fun. Most of the items pictured below can be found at the Candy Fair until October 17th. Now let’s hope we don’t get blown away while we eat our sweets!


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Pretzel Envy.

While Kismet drools over my pretzel I’m gonna let ya know about some of the new goodies at The Seasons Story. First, Sari-Sari released this mulled wine stand set which comes as linked or non-linked. The portable gas range has an on/off feature and the mugs included give out a wearable version so you can have your very own mulled wine! I thought I’d use some items from erratic’s last arcade round to go along with plus, some of the new gacha items from oyasumi also available at The Seasons Story. For a larger image please click the photo and have a great weekend!


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Let Me Show You The Way.

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged a fantasy look and with Mystic Realms beginning October 10th, I thought I’d show you a little glimpse into the faire. *G Field* has created this outfit that’s just as beautiful from the back as it is from the front and will be available in 4 color choices. MUDSKIN will also be participating in Mystic Realms and has released several exclusive makeups in 3 new tones. The lips make me feel so kissable!


Skin: MUDSKIN – Goddess 11 R1 India (Soon @ Mystic Realms)

Hair: Exile – Royal Command Naturals (Soon @ Mystic Realms)

Crown: ieQED – Rose.String.Crown.Fall.RARE

Ears: Southpaw – Puck Elf Ears

Eyes: Adored Bodyshop – Cloud Eyes Potion (Soon @ Mystic Realms)

Tattoo: .reckless. – Sierra Faded (TMD)

Rings: aru. – Fantasy Rings Set 1,2 Long & 3 Armor (Soon @ Mystic Realms)

Nails: LVLE – Studded V Nails (MSO)

Weapon: PFC – Attila

Dress: *G Field* – Elwyn Outfit Forest (Soon @ Mystic Realms)

Pose: Del May – Hippy Chick (Slight Mod)

Lurking In The Shadows.

Hello and happy hump day! Today I’ve got a few sneak peek goodies for you along with plenty of other new things you may not want to miss out on. Collabor88 just began and oyasumi released a retro set for this round. The record player is not only awesome decor for music lovers but it actually plays music as well. is also participating in Collabor88 and has released these boots which have texture change laces, eyelets and socks and you can add a dash of blood splatter if you so wish. I’m also giving you a glimpse of the Skinnery’s newest arrival. Her name is Hazel and she’ll be available soon at The Seasons Story in 2 makeups and 3 skin tones. There’s still more to see below so I’ll leave you to the credits.


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